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Orphan Drug Economics 101

Last month, the cost of a drug called Daraprim, used to treat a potentially life-threatening infection in cancer and AIDS patients, increased 5500% overnight. Daraprim is used to treat toxoplasmosis, a disease that is caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. … Continue reading

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The Botched Execution of Clayton Lockett: Is Lethal Injection Painless and Humane?

Clayton Lockett died last week, but few will mourn his death. A four-time convicted felon, Mr. Lockett was executed by the State of Oklahoma for shooting and then burying alive a 19-year-old girl. Following his death, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin … Continue reading

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Why I am a Truvada Whore

Although the epidemic likely started a decade or two earlier, AIDS wasn’t identified as a new disease until 1981. It took a few more years to isolate HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and to develop reliable tests for diagnosing … Continue reading

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Punishing the Promoters

Earlier this week, the US Justice Department announced that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay more than $2 billion in fines and penalties for illegally marketing the drug Risperdal to doctors and patients. For nearly seven years, pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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Drug Pushers

Like many academics — and contrary to the image of college professors as lazy scholars that take sabbaticals every other year and have their summers off — I about have four or five full-time jobs. I direct a graduate program … Continue reading

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