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Silence = Death

As Donald Trump fights for his political life following new revelations about wholly inappropriate disclosure of classified materials and potential obstruction of justice, he has quietly issued new orders that will condemn thousands of women and children around the world … Continue reading

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She Ain’t Hefty™, She’s My Mother

Late last week, my social media feed was flooded with videos showing a fetal lamb kicking and squirming inside a large liquid-filled bag. Thankfully, it wasn’t some obscene animal torture video. Rather it was a news article about a recent … Continue reading

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Zeroing in on Zika

Every year I spend one to two weeks visiting the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. I don’t go for vacation, despite the allure of that country’s white sand beaches, but rather for work. I spend most of my time in … Continue reading

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Cheaper by the Dozen

As a bioethicist, I appreciate the fact that the American public has become deeply engaged in a number of important health policy debates. For example, should local, state and national agencies forcibly quarantine travelers coming from countries affected by the … Continue reading

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Opening the Black Box

In a study published earlier this week, researchers found that pregnant women who take acetaminophen — a widely used drug found in such over-the-counter painkillers as Tylenol and Excedrin — are at increased risk of having children with hyperkinetic disorders … Continue reading

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A Bioethicist’s Education

My nephew Pedro will be celebrating his first birthday in just a few days. Not having any children of my own, I cherish every moment that I get to spend with him. Unfortunately those moments are few and far between … Continue reading

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