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The Breast Intentions Are Fraught With Disappointment

About once a year on average, I seem to create a bit of a stir with a commentary on breast cancer and screening guidelines. In those commentaries, I sometimes question the message that is given to American women about the … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Cancer Screening Programs

In a public commentary that aired a little over a year ago, I caused quite a stir when I discussed the case of Amy Robach, the then-40-year-old ABC News correspondent who was diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving an on-air … Continue reading

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Cheaper by the Dozen

As a bioethicist, I appreciate the fact that the American public has become deeply engaged in a number of important health policy debates. For example, should local, state and national agencies forcibly quarantine travelers coming from countries affected by the … Continue reading

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Opening the Black Box

In a study published earlier this week, researchers found that pregnant women who take acetaminophen — a widely used drug found in such over-the-counter painkillers as Tylenol and Excedrin — are at increased risk of having children with hyperkinetic disorders … Continue reading

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Media Myths About Mammograms

Like most married couples, my husband and I have a morning routine. I tend to get up first, shower, get dressed, get a cup of coffee, and make lunch. Dan is a little slower to get started, and likes to … Continue reading

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Protecting the Victims of Domestic Violence

Last Friday, famed Olympian and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was arraigned on charges of murder in a South African court of law. Nicknamed the ‘Blade Runner’ after the carbon fiber blades that this double-amputee uses to run, Mr. Pistorius is accused … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss. Not the Same as the Old Boss.

Most pundits have been describing last week’s elections as a victory for the status quo, with President Obama being reelected and Democrats retaining control of the Senate despite the timid economic recovery and despite Super PACs spending nearly a billion … Continue reading

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